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How Can Businesses Benefit From Explainer Videos?

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Imagine having an out-of-this-world product that you are sure will serve a purpose, and there is a market for it – but, some of your potential leads don’t quite get how it works or what your business is all about. There are many ways that using an Explainer Video is can enhance your marketing strategy because, with appealing and attractive visuals, you can use it to explain your business or product concept in a simple, engaging, clear, concise and compelling language.

Product and service marketing is fundamental to any business. The boom of the internet and social media opens a new world of possibilities to businesses and customers alike. Traditional forms of marketing methods from print to television ads have given way to the use of online advertising in the form of advertisements and infomercials.  Social media advertising has also gained track over the years. 

Explainer videos are short animated videos that can reach out to the target audience. 

They are short, concise and easily understood even by the layman.  These videos are customised to each business and can help to bring across the message of their marketing campaign effectively.  Explainer videos can be easily shared via social media platforms or through online communication methods.

Examples of Explainer Videos include Whiteboard Animation, 2D Colour Explainer Video, Typography Explainer Video and 2D Contemporary.

These have been known to garner thousands of views and shares and have a far greater reach than traditional forms of advertising.

Some useful tips when creating a Whiteboard Animation or Explainer Video:

· An Explainer video should work for everyone meaning it needs to contain both user-friendly visuals and verbal cues for learning

· Explainer videos are time and content limiting, therefore, they need to hit the mark in a short, precise, appealing and humorous way that will make customers smile and connect easily with your product or service

· Depending on your niche, the video should use a befitting professional voice

· Create a confident and unique script that can establish your goals, problem-solving skills, and solutions to ensure that once a user clicks on the video, they will stay engrossed in what you have to say

· Every single element of your Explainer Video depends upon audience knowledge so, depending on what your target demographic is, keep their age, gender, background, and other vital interests in mind

· List unique features of your brand in an Explainer Video to tell the customer how your offerings or product benefits them in particular and how to use it

· The most crucial element of any online video is the core message. You can engage your target audience even more by using visuals also trigger their mood and elicits feelings of dynamic excitement with ambient musical tones

· An engaging, captivating, and content-relevant Explainer Video will most certainly compel share-ability but don’t stop there, why? Users need an ever-slight nudge to visit your website and instead of leaving them with too many “so what now” questions. To mitigate this, ensure that you include a memorable Call-to-Action (CTA) that will not show your audience what to do once they’re done watching but also prompt them to take action.

· While an Explainer Video presents information in the most compelling way, you can go a step further and incorporate one on a blog. Why? The video will speak on your behalf when introducing a new service or product, but a blog does one better when it comes to keeping readers interested or outlining a complicated topic.

If you have an idea for a Whiteboard Animation or Explainer Video for your products or services, talk to us today!

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