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What makes an Explainer Video great?

How to write a killer script for Explainer Video

A great explainer video delivers every time. What makes an explainer video great?

Short, simple, concise is what we are looking at. A great video is memorable, refreshing and captivates the viewers who would want to watch again and again; even to share with friends which is the ultimate aim of these videos to enhance awareness through social media and online sharing.

Scripting is all about telling a compelling story and answering the right questions in order to keep the audience captivated. Most people underestimate just how crucial an explainer video script is. One may have world-class graphics only to be undermined by weak content. The video offering may end up being boring and in worst case scenarios causes confusion and ultimately sabotage the entire explainer.

According to Allan Paivio’s Dual-Coding Theory, audio and visual channels work separately in the brain and when any content is presented simultaneously via catchy on-screen imageries and voice-overs, the information easy for the audience to remember and recall. These videos can simplify technical or detailed concept if done correctly..

A successful explainer video synergises both audio and visual components. Together with an engaging script, shows off your brand personality and delivers the key takeaways in an incredibly limited word count. Most explainer videos become “less-than-great” mainly because of a lack of knowledge, fortunately, whether you are planning to write a new explainer or Whiteboard animation script from scratch or revamp an existing one, here is a guide that will help reinforce it.

Bearing in mind that the explainer video script is the foundation that the video builds on, determining the layout and pace of the script is imperative.

Here are the points to consider:

Identify your narrative - Use a problem-solution or process walk-through narrative format to tell a clear and concise story.

Keep the concept simple - Engage your target audience with your story by breaking down a complex idea using clear and concise sentence structures.. Remember, the goal of a Whiteboard Animation or an explainer video is to deliver captivating, engaging, and easy to digest information succinctly. Therefore, write simply as though you were speaking to a friend and respect your viewer’s time by making your video short, in this case, writing your story outline in 5-sentences will help you refine your thinking.

Make the script relevant and relatable - Look for opportunities to place your audience into the story, but how? It will be easier to hold their attention if you write in third person perspective that speaks directly to the viewer.

Be seen as approachable –People want to form a bond with your brand, and your goal should ultimately be to position yourself as a “friend” per-say by showcasing your personality, warmth, or charm.

Watch your word count - When writing the ultimate explainer video script, brevity is crucial because explainers usually run between 30 seconds to 3 minutes, 120-150 words per minute is a comfortable pace.

Before you set off to write an explainer video script remember, viewers are keen on learning more about your product or service; why not make it entertaining at the same time? Take this opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and showcase your expertise every step of the way in order to deliver valuable content that will, without a doubt, position your brand as a trusted source.

Most importantly, focus on communication and mutual understanding between the client, scriptwriter and video professional to customise a video that truly caters to your needs. Sit back and experience a truly outstanding video.

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